Why Join Us?

AFI exists to promote safety, quality and professionalism throughout the UK fencing industry; to provide its members with business opportunities, industry news and technical information; to encourage inter-member trading and collaboration; and to raise the profile and image of the UK fencing industry generally.

AFI is a “hands-on organisation for a hands-on industry, offering real and practical benefits for sensible money”.

AFI members can access the following free benefits and services:

  • CHAS: free annual assessment to the Contractor’s Health & Safety Assessment Scheme criteria *.
  • AFI TRADE PORTAL: use of AFI’s online member-to-member trading and communications portal, which includes a unique buying, selling and advertising facility to promote inter-member trading.
  • AFI WEBSITE: your company details and profile registered on AFI’s Website database of competent suppliers and installers which is marketed to end users, contractors and local authorities.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY: health & safety document templates customisable for your own business, including example RAMS; H&S Policy Statement, and other examples relevant to our industry.
  • POLICY TEMPLATES: business best-practice policy templates including Equal Opportunities, Customer Care, Quality Policy, Environment, Dayworks Template, Job Completion Template, etc.
  • CREDIT CHECKS: multi-page detailed credit reports on your customers’ creditworthiness.
  • REPRESENTATION: AFI represents its members’ interests on a range of industry groups and developmental meetings, e.g. Lantra, BSi, FISS/CSCS, NHSS, Build UK, ConstructionLine, CHAS.
  • PROFESSIONAL HELPLINES: professional expert helplines covering Employment; Health & Safety; Legal & Contractual; Tax & Business; and Training.
  • AFI LOGO: use of the industry-accepted quality mark on your website, stationery and vehicles.
  • DISPUTE RESOLUTION: independent on-site inspection and reporting service to assist members in resolving technical or commercial issues between clients/suppliers.
  • CYBER SECURITY: awareness, guidance and security policy templates to enable members to secure their business information against a growing threat of compromise from hackers, viruses, malware etc.
  • SUB-GROUPS: the opportunity to join the Electric Fence Association (EFA), Electric Security Fencing Federation (ESFF), Environmental Noise Barrier Association (ENBA),  Association of Safety Fencing Contractors (ASFC), Gate Automation and Access Barrier Association (GAABA) at no further cost.
  • FENCE-DESIGN: access to AFI's range of fencing industry-specific technical design and estimating tools, including the unique wind-loading fence post and foundation design template which enables you to wind-load design your fences to BS6399 Part 2 and BS1722 Part 14.
  • THE CERTIFIED CONTRACTORS SCHEME: access to this powerful marketing tool which enables specifiers, procurement officers and clients with an easy and reliable way to find fencing contractors with the experience and level of competency appropriate to the size and complexity of their contract. 

    * CHAS assessment is free, althoough AFI are required to pass on CHAS' accreditation (use of their logo) and registration fees.

Download AFI Member Benefits in PDF Form

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