AFI Trade Portal

The AFI Trade Portal is a unique online member-to-member sales and marketing tool, designed to promote trade, communication and advertising between AFI members. It enables you to find other members, see what they do, and send them buying and selling messages. In so doing it ensures that contractor members get the best prices, with minimum effort, from the best suppliers, and supplier members find new contractor members without any sales or marketing outlay.

At its heart the AFI Trade Portal is an intelligent messaging system, that directs messages between buyers and sellers sharing a common interest in certain fencing related products. 

Buying: if you need a quote for a tender, or to place an order, you can send out a Buying Notice. Taking just a couple of minutes to compose, a Buying Notice is an Email message automatically sent to ALL AFI member companies that sell the product that you want to buy. Unlike Spam, if a member doesn’t sell the product you want, they don't get the message. In response to a Buying Notice you can expect a number of competitive quotes from AFI supplier members, guaranteeing you the best current market price, and only taking a minute to obtain. This is a great aid to busy contractors and may just win you that job!

Selling: to sell things, perhaps to advertise a special offer or discount, publish a new pricelist, or sell off some surplus stock at a bargain rate, you send a Selling Notice. The Selling Notice similarly and instantly is sent to every AFI member that buys the product that you are selling. You don’t even need to know who or where they are –buyers and sellers are matched automatically - if they don't buy the product, they don't get the message. Supply only members can expect to receive enquiries from contractor members without having to do any advertising or marketing – how is that for cost efficiency?

Status Updates: if you want to tell the marketplace what you are doing, making or selling, like Facebook you can send out an Announcement. Say you are a supplier who has just taken on a new product line, you could send an announcement which would only go to those who buy that product. Again no more Spam – just messages which will interest the recipient.

Privacy: you can create a Buddy List of Preferred Members to whom you can send exclusive messages, and/or create an Excluded Member list so that certain companies, e.g. a competitor, don't get to see your Notices and Announcements.

With all of these features, at no extra cost, the AFI Trade Portal is an essential tool for today’s modern fencing industry that no company can afford to do without.

AFI Trade Portal User instructions can be downloaded here

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