Specialist Sub Groups

AFI members can join and participte in a number of specialist interest sub-groups. Here they can meet other members with a common interest in a particular aspect of our industry, and discuss the challenges and issues associateed with their specific marketplace and develop specific training and quality standards. AFI currently has five sub-groups:

  1. Electric Fence Association (EFA)
  2. Environmental Noise Barrier Association (ENBA)
  3. Association of Safety Fencing Contractors (ASFC)
  4. Electric Security Fencing Federation (ESFF)

The Electric Fence Association is a good example of an effective sub-group.

Electric Fence Association (EFA)

The EFA’s membership comprises of all the major UK and European manufacturers of Electric Fencing products and systems.

EFA concerns itself principally with quality and safety standards, both in the UK and internationally. EFA have been instrumental in developing BS EN 60335-2-76 by nominating two of its members – Martin Armstrong of Woodstream and Roger Bridge of Agri Health – to attend many CENELEC meetings held over the years in many worldwide countries. The EFA also has representation on the IEC TC61 committee for the development and evolution of International safety standards for electric fencing products and systems.

EFA was formed under the umbrella of the EFIA at the instigation of Bob Jennings and Graham Harper in 1996. Graham had established that the needs of the UK electric fencing industry were not being met and the British Manufacturers and Distributors of Electric Fencing products required a “British Trade Association” where the interested parties could meet to discuss electric fencing matters.

A meeting of possible interested parties was called in February 1997 and following this, the Agricultural Electric Fencing Association (AEFA) was formed, with Graham being elected as its first Chair.

Three years later in 2000, the name of the association was changed to Electric Fencing Association (EFA) thereby allowing businesses involved in both security and/or agricultural electric fences to become members.

Former Chair Graham Harper anecdotally recalls "Before EFA the only time that the manufacturers and distributors of electric fencing products ever met was at trade fairs or in Court"

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