Certified Contractor Scheme

The aim of the Certified Contractor Scheme is to provide specifiers, procurement officers and clients with a way to find fencing contractors with experience and competency appropriate to the size and complexity of their contract. 

The scheme recognises four levels of certification – indicated by appropriately coloured scheme logos :

  • General Installation (Yellow)
  • Commercial Installation (Orange)
  • Major Projects Installation (Red)
  • Specialist Installation (Blue)
AFI Certified Contractor Scheme Logos 

 Each level requires the contractor to demonstrate an increasingly higher level of competency, quality, safety, confidentiality and professionalism, matched against AFI's stringent criteria based upon nationally recognised standards, e.g. CHAS, Achilles, ISO 9000, 14000, etc.

Highly sensitive buyers such as the Prisons Service, Utilities, Police or Military may require Specialist Installation (Blue) accredited contractors. Domestic buyers, by contrast, may require General Installation (Yellow) accredited contractors. Each can use AFI's website to find the contractor that best suits their needs.

For AFI members the scheme can act as an effective marketing tool, attracting buyers looking for their particular skills and specialities, and it is free to all AFI members. Non members can apply to join the scheme, paying a fee equivalent to AFI membership.

There has long been a need in the fencing industry for a scheme that recognises professionalism and promotes those companies that have embraced training, quality and continual improvement. This new scheme recognises each of those elements by certifying fencing contractors at the appropriate level, whether they work predominantly in the residential marketplace for domestic clients or in the public sector where National Highways Sector Schemes dictate the specialist competencies required.

Click here to review a summary of what's required to apply.

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