Contractors Health & Safety (CHAS)

Assessment Scheme

CHAS is the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification schemes in the UK construction and related industries. AFIĀ are the official licensed CHAS Assessment Body for the UK fencing industry, which means that AFI can undertake assessments to the CHAS criteria, and provide its members with CHAS accreditation (use of their logo) and registration on the official CHAS database.

AFI's CHAS assesors are friendly and understand our industry well, offering practical advice and guidance and the opportunity to resubmit if a first application is not up to the mark.

CHAS assessment is free to AFI members, although CHAS require us to pass on their accreditation and registration fee.

CHAS application forms are available for download in the CHAS Application section of the this website. Please allow around 3 weeks for your assessment.

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSiP)

CHAS is a founder member of Safety Schemes in ProcurementĀ  (SSiP) which recognises equivalence between a number of pre-qualification schemes such as CHAS, SMAS, and ConstructionLine.

If you are accredited to one SSiP scheme you are recognised as meeting the safety requirements of the other. CHAS is recognised by SMAS for example, and accreditation to either will qualify you for all other participating Local Authority and Main Contractor approved lists and PQQs.

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